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Our Role

UX/UI Design, Audit, Research



Project Overview

With more than 8 Million customers Black Banx
is a group of Financial Institutions licensed in various countries.
Black Banx is the first Crypto Bank accepting deposits in crypto currencies and allowing clients the unlimited conversion of Crypto into FIAT and vice versa.

The Challenge

The user experience of mobile banking apps is poor, leading to low engagement
and satisfaction. Users find it difficult to find information, complete tasks and navigate the cluttered interface.

The Solution

Simplifying navigation - the user must quickly find what he needs. Work out the main flows for the user by simplifying them as much as possible (making a payment or creating a new card)

Design process

Based on our initial research and discovery phase, here's a brief overview of the project timeline and scope


The discovery phase is when the project's goals and objectives are created, along with the project's scope. This process includes conducting research, gathering requirements, and identifying any relevant barriers and restrictions.


During the design phase, the problem is identified, and a comprehensive plan is created to guide the project's implementation. At this phase, wireframes, prototypes, and graphic designs are produced to help stakeholders understand the solution.


At the delivery phase, the project is implemented and the customer receives the finished product. This stage includes carrying out the plan and putting the solution to the test.

Previous Design

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Information Architecture

Based on previous research we have collected IA, this is main point to understand flows and logic, before visual solution

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The wireframe was meticulously crafted to optimize user experience on a banking mobile app. This is the next step after IA and defined logic of an app, We made wireframes and clickable prototype to check if we are right with the design suggestion.

The questionnaire proves that it is difficult for users to choose one thing - therefore, we can conclude that the user will use the banking app for different purposes, depending on the problem. The user often enters the application only to check his own balance and closes it.

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Mobile Application

Here are the Visual Solution over team has created, main idea to keep the design simple, strict and timeless. After few design concepts and review with client, we had approval on design you can see below. Hope you love it!

Website Redesign

Our team, also, have made website redesign to keep new style we designed. To make a new website, as another impact to know more about BlackBanx and download an app.

Design Elements

Other works