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Project Overview

CampaignWired makes it easy to launch your next marketing campaign. With over 100 different pre-done campaigns you can download or send your next campaign in minutes.The Marketing Campaign Web App is an innovative solution for creating and deploying marketing campaigns with minimum effort. With its easy-to-use editor and pre-done campaigns, users can quickly launch successful campaigns that drive traffic and increase conversions. The app's reporting and analytics feature allows users to make informed decisions for future campaigns, making it an ideal choice for businesses and marketers looking to optimize their marketing efforts.

The Challenge

• The use of multiple channels for marketing can sometimes result in an overwhelming and invasive communication experience for users.

• Receiving too many emails, calls, or text messages can be frustrating and lead to a negative user experience.

• Poor Timing of Communication: Communication via email, voice, and text must be timed correctly to avoid disturbing users at inappropriate times.

The Solution

• Consider limiting the number of communication channels used for marketing, and provide users with the option to choose their preferred channels.

• Allow users to set their communication preferences, including the frequency and timing of messages.

• Personalisation - ensuring that users receive relevant and meaningful communication.

• Navigation and Organisation - Improve the organisation and navigation of files and content by implementing a clear and consistent labelling system, and enabling users to search for specific files easily.

• Compatibility and User Support - provide users with responsive and knowledgeable customer support through a range of communication channels.

Our Process


The discovery phase is when the project's goals, objectives, and scope are created. Research must be done, requirements must be compiled, and any relevant barriers and restrictions must be identified.


During the design phase, which also includes issue identification, a comprehensive strategy is established to guide the project's implementation. To help stakeholders comprehend the solution, wireframes, prototypes, and graphic designs are produced at this stage.


At the delivery phase, the project is completed and the client receives the final product. The strategy is implemented at this stage, and the solution is evaluated.

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