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Our Role

UX UI Design, Research



Project Overview

Honch is a B2B data platform for revenue teams and marketers that lets you identify and engage with active buyers when reviewing suppliers.

The Challenge

The challenge for this app was to develop and provide a means for revenue generation and marketing teams to effectively engage with active buyers while evaluating potential suppliers. The Honch app had to provide a convenient and quick way to identify target audiences and active buyers, which would help to attract their attention and interact with them to ensure successful cooperation with suppliers. Thus, the main goal was to create a tool that would facilitate effective customer service aimed at increasing revenues and business growth.

The Solution

The developed Honch application provides an excellent solution for revenue generation and marketing teams tasked with interacting with active buyers during supplier analysis. This innovative software opens up great opportunities to quickly and accurately identify potential customers who are actively showing interest in purchasing.

Our Process

The design process of a project typically involves three stages: discovery, design, delivery. Here is a quick description of each stage.


During the discovery phase, the project's boundaries are outlined, and its aims and objectives are set. This phase encompasses research, requirement gathering, and the identification of possible obstacles and limitations.


During the design phase, the solution is formulated, and a comprehensive blueprint is generated to direct the project's execution. This phase entails crafting wireframes, prototypes, and visual representations to effectively convey the solution to relevant parties.


In the delivery phase, the project is put into action, and the solution is handed over to the client. This stage encompasses carrying out the established plan and thoroughly testing the solution.

Previous Design

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Journey Map

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hi fidelity wireframes

After the research, we started making hi fidelity wireframes to speed up the work and coordinate everything with the client

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Web Application

This app was developed to provide a solution for revenue generation and marketing teams.

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