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Our Role

UX UI Design, Audit, Research



Project Overview

The client's request was to create a completely new product that provides the ability to manage personal cryptocurrency trading accounts, as well as modernize the style.On the client portal, users can create new accounts, fund them, and add deposits. In line with this functionality, it was particularly important for the client to achieve a seamless user experience.

The Challenge

We aim to develop robust software that gives users convenient access and total control over their personal accounts, finances, trading, and business. Our product turns ideas into reality by providing powerful tools to manage and optimize cryptocurrency transactions effectively.

The Solution

We have created an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows you to easily manage all aspects of your financial transactions. Our system design is characterized by its simplicity and conciseness, which ensures ease of use. We have focused on the most important functions, such as monitoring financial indicators, managing accounts, transferring cryptocurrency funds, trading on different markets, and managing your business.

Our Process


The discovery phase establishes the scope of the project and formulates its goals and objectives. During this stage, research is conducted, requirements are gathered, and potential challenges and constraints that the project may face are identified.


During the design phase, a concept and a detailed plan are developed that serve as the basis for project management. Flowcharts, prototypes, and visual designs are used to visualize the solution to communicate its essence to stakeholders.


During the delivery phase, the project is implemented and the finished solution is handed over to the customer. At this stage, the planned work is carried out and testing is carried out to ensure the effectiveness and quality of the developed solution.

Previous Design

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Road Map

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web application

We have developed a web application for exchanging, buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Our application provides a convenient and secure process of trading cryptocurrencies at current market prices. We have created an intuitive interface and reliable security mechanisms for user satisfaction.

mobile application

Our mobile app allows users to easily exchange, buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the user-friendly and secure interface, users can trade at current market prices with confidence and comfort.


Other works