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Our Role

UX UI Design, Audit, Research



Project Overview

The client wanted to engage users in various surveys, conduct online testing of websites and games, and provide users with the opportunity to receive cashback for online purchases.

The Challenge

To provide users with a convenient and profitable online testing platform that promotes interaction between developers and users. Help users save money by providing an opportunity to receive cashback for online purchases through, collect valuable data and feedback from users through their participation in surveys so developers can improve their products and services.

The Solution provides a platform for online testing of websites and games, where users can earn money and contribute to the improvement of these products, the app allows users to earn cashback for online purchases, giving them an incentive to shop through the platform, users have the opportunity to participate in various surveys, providing their opinions and contributing to the improvement of products and services.

Our Process

Four stages typically make up the design process for a project: exploration, design, delivery, and follow-up. Here is a brief summary of each phase.


The discovery phase establishes the project's objectives, goals, and scope. In this phase, research will be done, we will gather requirements and identify potential obstacles as well as project limits.


The creation of a concept and thorough plan that will direct the project is part of the design process. In order to communicate the solution to stakeholders clearly, flowcharts, prototypes, and graphic designs are produced during this stage.


Implementing the project and transferring the solution to the customer are both included in the delivery stage. The plan is put into action at this point, and testing is done to make sure the solution is good quality and effective.

Previous Design

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Information Architecture

Content organization and structuring must come first in design. It involves setting up the data in a way that makes it simple for users to navigate. Design professionals may create user-friendly interfaces that maximize information presentation and accessibility with the help of effective classification and labeling of content.

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Providing a simple interface and a well-organized navigation system for quick access to features and information.

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The Rewards web app was designed to allow you to test websites and games, share your opinions in surveys, and use cashback when shopping online


To improve the management of personal trading accounts of companies, the HYCM Client Portal web application was designed to ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation.



Design System / Components / Result

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