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Our Role

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Project Overview

Favecodes is a digital solution that provides QR code menus for contactless ordering, convenience, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and marketing opportunities for restaurants. They allow customers to view menus and order without touching physical menus or interacting with servers, saving time and enhancing their dining experience with detailed information. Additionally, restaurants can save money on menu updates and promotions while engaging with customers and encouraging loyalty.

The Challenge

The absence of integrated payment QR codes and digital menus in restaurants and cafés poses challenges, including limited payment options, inconvenience for customers, reduced sales, and difficulty tracking transactions. Additionally, customers may not be aware of available food and drink options, leading to confusion and potential lost sales.

The Solution

As a UX/UI design team, we offered to integrate payment QR codes and digital menus in restaurants and cafés to enhance the user experience. By offering diverse payment options, providing intuitive digital menus, and streamlining transaction tracking, we can improve customer convenience, increase sales potential, and optimize operational efficiency, ultimately creating a seamless and engaging dining experience.

Our Process

The design process of a project typically involves four stages: discovery, design, delivery, and follow-up. Here is a quick description of each stage.


In the discovery stage, the project scope is defined and the goals and objectives of the project are established. This stage involves conducting research, gathering requirements, and identifying any potential challenges and constraints.


In the design stage, the solution is developed and a detailed plan is created to guide the implementation of the project. This stage involves creating wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs to communicate the solution to stakeholders.


In the delivery stage, the project is implemented and the solution is delivered to the customer. This stage involves executing the plan, testing the solution.

Previous Design

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web application

The integration of digital menus allows customers to effortlessly explore the food and drink options available

Mobile Application

Solution is designed to revolutionise the dining experience by offering a seamless and user-friendly interface for restaurants and cafés.

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