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Our Role

UX UI Design, Audit, Research



Project Overview

Talent Wizard is a group of companies that provides tools for students and learners to create, develop, and showcase their talents. Our Services include websites, software, mobile apps, and other digital tools. Each company within the Talent Wizard Group acts as a data controller for personal data processed in respect of their Services.

The Challenge

We are committed to providing innovative and effective solutions that help students and learners achieve their full potential. With Talent Wizard, they can access a range of resources and support to enhance their skills, showcase their work, and connect with a global community of creatives.

The Solution

UX/UI design solution focused on creating a seamless and user-friendly experience for individuals interacting with a product or service. It involved designing intuitive interfaces, optimizing user flows, and considering the overall visual appeal. The goal was to enhance user satisfaction, improve usability, and drive engagement by aligning user needs with business objectives. Through research, prototyping, and iteration, UX/UI design aimed to create a cohesive and effective user experience across various digital platforms.

Our Process

Based on our initial research and discovery phase, here's a brief overview of the project timeline and scope


The discovery phase is when the project's goals and objectives are created, along with the project's scope. This process includes conducting research, gathering requirements, and identifying any relevant barriers and restrictions.


During the design phase, the problem is identified, and a comprehensive plan is created to guide the project's implementation. Wireframes, prototypes, and graphic designs are produced during this phase to help stakeholders understand the solution.


During the delivery phase, the project is implemented, and the customer receives the finished product. This stage includes carrying out the plan and testing the solution.

Previous Design

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Information Architecture

Structuring and organizing content is crucial in design. It involves arranging information in a way that is intuitive and easy for users to navigate. By categorizing and labeling content effectively, designers can create user-friendly experiences that optimize the presentation and accessibility of information.

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Wireframes served as an essential tool in the design process, allowing us to quickly iterate and test different layout ideas without getting bogged down in the details of color and typography. By creating wireframes, we were able to focus on the overall user experience and ensure that the user interface was intuitive and easy to use.

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Web application

We are excited to share with you the role UI plays in our project and what was done to improve its impact on user engagement and conversion.


The landing page for the SAAS product captivates visitors with a compelling introduction, highlighting key features and benefits. It drives action, encouraging sign-ups or demos, effectively communicating the unique value proposition of the SAAS product.


Other works