Employee management for non-profit organisations


Saas, Edtech


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Our Role

UX UI Design, Tablet Design, Responsive Design, Interaction Design, Design System



Project Overview

Intrac is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline empoyee management with a wide range of features.

The Challenge

To design a platform that simplify perception of complicated interfaces. Help users to make a decision by involving users to the entire context. Provide different types of management for organizations depending on their size and industry

The Solution

To find and redesign create a platform for schools and other non-profit organisations to help them manage inner process

Our Process


Embarking on your project's journey, we delve into its heart through research and meaningful conversations. Unearthing objectives' essence, we lay the groundwork for a captivating digital odyssey.


With creativity ablaze, we step into the design phase, molding concepts into reality. Prototypes weave seamless user experiences, curated visual elements harmonizing with your brand. This collaborative stage ensures pixel-perfect resonance.


Culminating our artistry, developers craft a functional masterpiece. Rigorous testing ensures a polished, intuitive experience. With your approval, the curtain rises on your digital creation. We stand by, ready for post-launch fine-tuning.

Previous Design

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Journey Map

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We chose side pages as a solution to the problem, taking into account the requirements of the existing project and potential growth in the future. Even though some side pages have vertical scrolling, they don't feel overloaded because the side page fills the entire height of the viewport, allowing the user to see more content.

Mobile Responsive

Intrac's extensive features are harmonized into a harmonious responsive symphony, ensuring that the platform remains a reliable companion for employee management, regardless of the device in hand. Through meticulous testing and fine-tuning, we ensure that every interaction with Intrac is an effortless journey, embodying the essence of user-centric design.


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