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Our Role

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Project Overview

Our flagship feature is "Newton," an AI algorithm that accurately predicts the quantity of each menu item that a restaurant will sell the following day.

The Challenge

Create an application that will help businesses use AI to create an algorithm that accurately predicts the number of each menu item that a restaurant will sell the next day.

The Solution

We are proud to present our innovative solution to address the challenge of accurately predicting the daily sales of each menu item for restaurants. Our application, named 'Norma,' harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide precise forecasts, enabling businesses to optimize their inventory, reduce waste, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Our Process


The project scope is developed during the discovery phase, together with the project's goals and objectives. Research, requirements collection, and identifying any potential obstacles and limitations are all part of this step.


The solution is established and a thorough strategy is made during the design stage to direct the project's implementation. Wireframes, prototypes, and graphic designs are created during this stage in order to explain the solution to stakeholders.


The project is put into action during the delivery stage, and the customer receives the solution. Executing the plan and testing the solution are part of this stage.

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Road Map

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web application

Our web-based Norma app offers you the opportunity to access all the features and benefits of our platform. Continuous access to hospitality management tools and enhanced features - all at your disposal from any device.

mobile application

Work Conveniently and Efficiently. Our Norma mobile app helps you stay connected to your hospitality business. Regardless of your location, you can manage all aspects of your business with ease and efficiency.

web site

Norma connects to your existing systems in 3 minutes and through AI we empower your FnB Business to make data driven decisions to eliminate waste, automate reporting and increase profitability.

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