Here’s how Fivecube helped Norma transform the hospitality industry with a SaaS design that makes complex data intuitive and accessible for decision-makers.

Nov 15, 2023

SaaS Design for Norma: Bridging the Gap Between Data & Decision-Making

Our client came to us with an idea for an AI-powered SaaS product that would help hospitality businesses reduce costs, forecast sales, and mitigate risks. Here’s how Fivecube packaged this idea into a sleek, intuitive, and easy-to-grasp UI/UX design.

About Norma

Norma is a SaaS product that helps hospitality businesses track and visualize key metrics in real-time and employs artificial intelligence to predict their future positions. Norma’s Newton AI boasts a 90% prediction accuracy rate.

Norma also enables users to consult data on the go with an intuitive mobile dashboard design – an irreplaceable feature for an industry where most employees have to be on the move. On top of that, Norma uses push notifications to alert users about changes in metrics or unforeseen events.

As a result, working with Norma allows businesses to identify cost-saving opportunities, optimize operations for cost-efficiency, forecast sales with a high accuracy rate, and mitigate risks.

Kicking off collaboration

Our Greece-based client sought us out at the MVP ideation stage back in 2022. With the idea and clear goals in mind, they turned to us to create a SaaS design that would not only present the key functionality but would also make it easy to adopt for users with any level of digital literacy.

As a data-intensive product, Norma’s design had to visualize key metrics in a way that would make them easy to comprehend at a glance. At the same time, as hospitality employees are often on the go, the product had to look as awesome on mobile devices as on the desktop.

Fivecube’s approach

Gaining a deep understanding of our client’s product is always our top priority. That’s why we went beyond doing our due diligence to have a full grasp of our client’s product.

To that end, we did our own market research, analyzed multiple products with similar functionality, and studied the target audience to pinpoint how we could make the product stand out. We also had calls with our client every day to fully understand all the intricacies of the product.

With the initial research, benchmarking, and hypothesis validation done, we got to creating user personas, developing the information architecture system, and designing the user flows.

We then moved on to designing wireframes, prototyping, and product testing and evaluation. The latter allowed us to fine-tune our design to make it match user needs, preferences, and contexts perfectly.

Our project at a glance

Here are the details of our collaboration with Norma in three facts:

  • Technologies: Figma, Webflow
  • Team: 2 UX/UI designers, 1 graphic designer, 1 Webflow developer
  • Duration: 3-4 months (2-3 weeks for the web SaaS design)

Our deliverables

At the finish line, our client received:

  • Web SaaS product design, fully functional according to our client’s specs and ready for launch, within 2-3 weeks
  • Mobile app design that follows the UI/UX design best practices for mobile devices
  • A comprehensive design system to ensure visual brand consistency across solutions in the long run
  • A landing page designed and developed using Webflow, ready to launch within a month

Why is good design crucial for SaaS products?

At Fivecube as The Best Design Agency, we can testify that excellent user-centric design allows product owners to achieve the following five goals:

  • Building trust. If the product looks fantastic on target devices, users tend to trust it more. Poor SaaS design, on the other hand, paints the company behind it in a bad light.
  • Improving engagement. Contextual dashboards and information and clear CTAs engage users, fostering loyalty as a result.
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction. An intuitive SaaS website design helps users achieve their goals promptly, preventing frustration and increasing their satisfaction as a result.
  • Reducing churn. The happier users are with the product, the less likely they are to abandon it at any stage of the journey.

Increasing reach. A product that looks awesome and functions perfectly across multiple devices allows for reaching more users, increasing sales as a result.

3 SaaS design best practices for creating an awesome product

As a digital design agency, we at Fivecube employ the following SaaS design best practices in our projects:

  • Show, not tell. Instead of adding walls of text to the user interface, we visualize data and instructions and use icons and infographics whenever possible. This is how we keep the amount of text on every screen to a minimum.
  • Focus on the user, not the product. As a SaaS website design agency, we strive to have a full grasp of the product. However, we keep in mind that we design products for people. So, we do thorough research to identify the most convenient user flows and eliminate potential sources of frustration.

Keep it simple. When it comes to web design SaaS products require, less is always more. That’s why we ensure the user interface is unencumbered by less-than-necessary elements. We also minimize the number of actions required to accomplish every task.

In conclusion

As a result of our work, our client received a user-centric design for the web and mobile Norma apps that visualizes complex data in easy-to-comprehend dashboards. Thanks to Fivecube’s efforts, Norma users can easily make sense of swaths of real-time data and AI-powered predictions.

At the same time, user experience remains consistent and seamless no matter which device they use.

Finally, we delivered a landing page presenting the product, serving as its online business card. We designed it to reflect the brand’s essence – and the product’s straightforward, easy-to-get-started-with UX.

The bottom line is that our client received the SaaS product design perfectly aligned with business goals and foreseen use cases and user contexts.

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